Darren Archer Jr. is currently a 10th grader at Petersburg High School on the B honor Roll.  Darren started playing AAU Spirit football at the age of 10 in which he was a member of the undefeated 10U team in 2010.

      He is a member of the PHS Golf Team and is currently conditioning for the PHS baseball team where he aspires to be a pitcher.  Darren’s Extra-Curricular Activities and/or Community Involvement include - JROTC were he received a promotion to 1st Sargent in 2015.  His awards and honors include being voted Most Dedicated Player for the 2015 Golf Season and JROTC 2014, 8th Grade Most Dedicated Cadet.  He worked as a coach with the Petersburg Recreation Dept.  during the summer of 2015 and with the JR Sports Camp as a Coach.

      While he has not decided on his aspirations or career goals, very high on his career interest list is the US Military (Marines).  His favorite subject is History.

     Darren states, “The GSBC AAU program was an opportunity for me to participate in sports in a positive environment and was my first time playing football.  I got the opportunity to travel to different states and including traveling to Florida for the first time when we went to participate in the AAU National Championship Tournament.”  Darren’s mother stated that she believed that he learned dedication and commitment through his playing experience.  She states there were times he didn’t want to go to practice but she used it as an opportunity to teach him about being committed to what you start.  She feels those teaching moments instilled the value of dedication in him and is now being manifested in his dedication to Golf, now baseball and the JROTC.  She further stated, “I am very proud of the young man he is becoming and I know that this program had an impact on the dedication he now shows.”