Trevor was an original GSBC Spirit known for his toughness.  Playing Ironman Football in 2008, he played left tackle; right tackle; left defensive end and kicker.  He currently is a sophomore at Catawba College playing left defensive end and maintaining a 3.17 GPA.  His extra-curricular activities include being a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. His awards and honors include being named the 2013 All-Conference 12 1st Team OL;  2013 All-Conference 12 2nd Team Defensive Lineman; 2013 All-Central District 1st Team Defensive Lineman; 2013 Prince George High School  Offensive Line  MVP; 2012 All-Central District Honorable Mention Defensive Line and the 2012 Prince George High School  Defensive Line MVP.

      Trevor’s aspirations and personal goals include graduating from college with a BS Degree in Accounting.  He also wants to make the Division II, All American / Defensive Player of the Year during his college career.  His long term goal is to play professional football in either National or Canadian Football League. Trevor stated, “The GSBC Spirits helped me realize it takes a lot more than showing up to be good.  One must put in an extra amount of work to be good or even great.  The GSBC Spirits showed me that I can be great if only I invest time into my craft.  The program also helped me form bonds with several teammates that I stay in contact with now.”