Sideline vs Competition Cheering


The GSBC Spirits offers two different types of cheering; Sideline and Competition Cheering.  Both require dedication and enthusiasm, but different commitments.


Sideline cheering’s main focus is to cheer for the team and engage with fans to keep the fan spirits high during the football season. Sideline cheerleaders are enthusiastic, pump up the crowd, and encourage the fans to have spirit.  Sideline cheerleaders will likely perform repetitive short cheers/chants and prepare routines to perform during timeouts and halftime. Sideline cheering runs the duration of the football season where practice typically starts in July and ends not-later-than early December depending on how deep a team goes in the playoffs. 


Competition cheering requires more dedication and time. There will be tryouts for this program.  Competition cheering’s focus is to build a competitive team and compete at competitions against other squads.  In competitions, teams are judged by a panel of cheerleading experts on difficulty and execution of their routine.  Typically you have to perform a 2 and one-half minute routine with music that includes stunts, jumps, tumbling and a variety of exaggerated facial expressions.   Competition Cheering heats up after the regular season cheering is over.  It will involve extended practice dates and time and typically could run through the end of February or early March.  There may be some additional expense for Competition Cheering.   Additional information can be obtained from the Cheerleading Director.